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 We've added virtual "Online-Only Fundraisers" perfect for earning funds during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

Fundraising is more important than ever and choosing the best fundraising program is vital. 

Offer proven fundraising programs with quality products to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

SF works directly with trusted suppliers and reputable companies on your behalf.  

Let us help you earn the funds you need.

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Fundraising Made Simple.

Southern Fundraising provides fundraising products and programs to schools, organizations, teams and leagues in Georgia and across America.  Our platforms make online fundraising easy.     And because you are busy - we'll make it easy, profitable and fast!


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Proven Fundraising Programs

SF offers fundraising programs that work.  We work with reputable, stable suppliers who stand behind their products with 100% Satisfaction Guarantees.  The programs change seasonally assuring you are always offering fresh, on-trend items, that people want to buy. 

Our current suppliers:   Charleston Wrap, The Elf Shelf Holiday Shop, Import Designs Jewelry and Home Design, Palmetto Classic Frozen Cookie Dough and Delicious Prebaked Mini's, Poppin Popcorn including organic popcorn.  All of the food products are grown, packed and sold in USA. 

Product Fundraiser

Product fundraising can include candles, gift wrap, kitchen & home essentials, cookie dough, holiday gift shops, jewely, popcorn, nuts, snacks, chocolate bars etc.  A product fundraiser gives the buyer (also known as your supporter) something in return for their support.  

Which Fundraiser is Best for Your Organization

Which fundraiser to use is always up to you.  Some groups hold one fundraiser per year, while others will hold several to achieve their goal.  We can help you decide by sharing facts, comparing fundraisers and discussing your goal.  A brief phone consultation is the best way to begin.   Call 770-460-7002  Of course email works too!  

How to Achieve Your Fundraising Goal? 

Begin with a plan. 


  •  How Much Money Do You Need To Raise?
  •  Specify Need (technology, trip fees, uniforms etc.)?
  •  When do you need the money?
  •  How many sellers are in your group?
  •  Set goal for each seller?
  •  How will you create excitement prior to start of fundraiser?
  •  How will you challenge your sellers to participate?

          Let us help you create a plan and reach your goal.  That's why we're here and we'd love to help!


Our school used Southern Fundraising for over 12 years.  They make it so easy for us and we always reach our goal.

ACHS, Atlanta GA

Our school sells gift wrap in the fall and cookie dough in the spring with Southern Fundraising.  They supply us with everything we need, from start to finish.

Preschool - Savannah, GA