The Elf Shelf - 2021 Holiday Gift Shop for Schools

What could be more fun than shopping The Elf Shelf Holiday Shop at your own school? 

Watching the smiling faces of your students!

The Elf Shelf is the perfect theme for your Holiday Gift Shop!

The Elf Shelf Gift Shop is for kids!  

  • The Elf Shelf Gift Shop is a fun event for the whole school, allowing children to shop for family and friends in a safe, non-commercial atmosphere.
  • The Elf Shelf Gift Shop can be a wonderful service project or a successful fundraiser, your choice.
  • The Elf Shelf Gift Shop offers gifts that will be treasured for years to come.
  • The Elf Shelf Gift Shop products are on consignment, NO RISK FOR YOUR SCHOOL.
  • The Elf Shelf Gift Shop provides everything needed for a great shop, including a pre-programmed cash register or a custom app!

We also provide:

  • Full color "Watch For" and "Has Arrived" Fliers
  • Gift Guide Envelopes
  • Colorful Banners
  • Tablecloths
  • Colorful Door Panel
  • Beautiful Mylar Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Covid-19 supplies (hand sanitizer, signs and masks for volunteers)
  • Everything you need for a successful school holiday shop!

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The Elf Shelf helps teach children the "Joy of Giving" with treasures that capture the heart!

The Elf Shelf Gift Shop® is an in-school holiday gift shoppe that teaches children - Giving is as important as receiving. 

It can be used as a successful fundraising program or as a service to the children.  It is a NO RISK PROGRAM where you pay only for the items that you sell.  With NO INVENTORY to count in or out, volunteers find that The Elf Shelf is super simple.  Merchandise may be re-ordered during the sale and will arrive the next day!

Step 1- Choose Your Dates
Our most successful sales run for 5 days during school hours.  This allows each class the time needed for the children to select the perfect secret gifts for their family and friends. 

Suggested start dates in 2021 - Nov 29th or Dec 6th.
Step 2 – Select the Prices that best meet your school's needs. 
Our gifts are pre-coded for your convenience and with our pre-programmed cash registers, check out is as simple as 1,2,3!  Ring it up, place each gift in a beautiful Mylar gift bag and enjoy the smile on each child’s face!
Step 3 – Line Up Your Volunteers
Special discounts are available to volunteers who love to see happy children and enjoy the excitement and fun in the holidays.
Step 4 – Your Elf Shelf® Quick Start Kit arrives.
This will include your Success Manual, Full Color "Watch For" Flyers, "Has Arrived" Flyers, Gift Guide Envelopes, and Full Color Posters.
Step 5 – Your Elf Shelf Product Arrives. 
Setting up is exciting as you and your volunteers "oooh" and "ahhh" over the department store quality gifts the children will have to select from. You will also receive your tablecloths, price tents, cash register and other items necessary to provide a wonderful shopping experience for the children in your school.
Step 6 – Easily return all unsold product to us using the pre-paid shipping labels we provide. 
Just give us a call and let us know how many boxes you are returning and we will arrange for you returns to be collected at your school.
Step 7 –Closing your shop is a breeze!  
Give us a call and we will help calculate your bill and send an invoice for your bookkeeper's convenience.
Join us in giving children the opportunity to learn the "Joy of Giving"…THE EASY WAY!  

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Message from a happy school in Atlanta, GA...
Our PTA tried to handle our "Holiday Shop" on our own one year.  We shopped for items, on sale and otherwise, throughout the year.  At first it was fun, but then we had to store them!  We also had to sort items and keep track of the prices  we paid so that we priced them correctly, and follow the reimbursment guidelines.  Not only were we tying up funds all year, we also didn't know how many items to buy.  So when we ran out of items (we thought for sure that we had enough), the store had to close, leaving some disappointed kids. Now, we use The Elf Shelf and they take care of everything. The kids love it and it gets more popular every year!  Elf Shelf even gives us a way to help kids who may not have money to shop.  So now, we go all out, using The Elf Shelf themed decorations that they provide and some of our own special touches, like a balloon arch!  Instead of stressing, we simply line up volunteers and watch the kids excitement when they enter The Elf Shelf Shop!      


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This box of samples is free to schools who are seriously considering The Elf Shelf Gift Shop as their holiday shop supplier.  The school must have at least 250 students and the person placing the order should be one of the primary decision makers and provide a contact number for follow-up.

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If you'd like to see a list of the gifts being offered this Fall - 2021 by The Elf Shelf Gift Shop, just call or email.  We'd love to share the pictures and list with you!  

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